3 BED DORM (Female Only)

From: $28.00

Daily Rate………………………………………………………….$28.00 per guest per day

Long Term Stay (7 days or more)…………………………$110.00 per guest per week

Please contact Sue Homestay to check the availability of your intended stay.


A lot of female enjoy going on a backpacker holiday.  The do not want to stay in a  over crowded room. Safety is also another concern of theirs as most female always encounter bad experiences during their holidays.  At Sue Homestay, you will be safe and comfortable as we limit the number of guests to only 3 in a room.


Some Asian  women who goes to New Zealand alone may not speak English very well.  In Christchurch, English is the main language spoken by everybody. In Sue Homestay, you will feel at home as most of the guests are from either Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore or Japan. So language is not a barrier and you will feel at home.  Most Asian women love to do their own cooking. They can buy  fresh meat and  vegetables from Park N Save and then cook in Sue Homestay kitchen using their favourite recipes.


There is a table in the room. This is for female guests who would like to talk to their families back home. They can place their laptops on the table.  They can also chat among themselves using the table as a place for gathering and coffee drinking.


Compared with Auckland, Christchurch is supposed to be the safer and quieter city until the recent unfortunate shooting case.  Nevertheless, our guests will feel safe and comfortable staying at Sue Homestay.




We will always scan through our guests list, checking their nationality and background.  We  make sure they are professional working adults before accepting their booking. Sue Homestay is most suitable for Asian as the house owner is Taiwanese.  She worked in Japan for more than 12 years. That is why she is fluent in Japanese.


All rooms offer free unlimited Wi-Fi and Heating during winter in New Zealand.