From: $28.00

Daily Rate …………………………………………………………$28.00  per guest per day

Long Term Stay (7 days or more)……………………….$110.00 per guest per week

Please contact Sue Homestay to check the availability of your intended stay.


There are only 3 single beds in this room.  This is to make sure that our guests has enough privacy and comfort. There are guesthouses that has 8 bunkers in a room. We feel that it is too crowded and will not offer the peace and rest that guests would like after a long day outside. If  you have to share a room with 7 other people, these are the problems you may face:-


No freedom

Not enough storage space for your personal belongings

No privacy

A lot of strangers from different countries

Too many guests walking in an out of the room disturbing your sleep

Too many loud noises  (snores) at night

Will have to queue to take a shower in the morning as there is only one bathroom


This is the reason why Sue Homestay in Christchurch always insist on only having  3 guests in a room. There will be less friction among 3 people. Sometimes you  upset our fellow room mates not knowingly by switching on the light when your room mate is actually sleeping. This will upset their sleep.  You  may also be a bit noisy when talking or walking.  Furthermore, some people sleeps early and there are some who are night birds.


Therefore, having just 3 guests in a room will provide more personal space and privacy to everybody sharing the room.  In the end, everybody will be able to enjoy their holiday stay at Sue Homestay in Christchurch.


We also offer unlimited Wi-Fi throughout  our premises.  Guests are also allowed to use all the kitchen  appliances and utensils


Note:  This 3 – Bed Dorm in Sue Homestay is open only to Singaporean, Japanese, Malaysian and Taiwanese only.